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Normal Guy 5 years ago
I bet her dog has eaten its fair share of peanut butter.
Merciless 6 years ago
These sub-humans are fucking gross...
Wow 5 years ago
I actually lost my boner to this. 0/10 would not recommend
That bitch 6 years ago
Is nasty as fuck, I wouldn't fuck her with this guys dick
Potato 5 years ago
Here for the memes
Mark Dunn 6 years ago
Why? This is stupid. Also, she is ugly as hell.
sting 5 years ago
I wouldn't fuck her with that dogs dick----
Rowdy 6 years ago
I agree with (that bitch) I wouldn't fuck that bitch with Obama's dick. My GOD she is gross.
ECHO59 6 years ago
Cyrus is such a skank,....
Fake 6 years ago
Miley has tiny tits.