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hot Becca 2 years ago
My grandma bragged about how ole stepgrandpa had dick that was any woman dream that she had to keep it quite cause ladies found out how hung he was they'd be over when she left,,my sister whispers me& mom saw it& we sure fucked him ,,your turn,,I wore no panties , short skirt , when for It well I sure had smile for weeks,,tilll next visit,,he says im his favorite (tightest)
2 years ago
Well sex is sex so might as well have sex with your granddaughter
Help 2 years ago
Someone tell me how to tell my dad I want to do this with him!
1 year ago
no panties under her dress, she's so horny mmmm
1mrbigcountryman 2 years ago
OmG look at the tittie's on you. Lady they are fine. The only thing that they need is me sucking on them and playing with them constantly. And your beautiful sweet little pink pussy needs eating and lick and suck on your clit
Omg yes 1 year ago
Daddy is stiff for some tight teen pussy
Jane 6 months ago
I remember granddad always used to do this to me. I didn't know it was wrong. He would often finger me while driving, until I turned my face away and came. I'd often fantasize that he would sneak Into bed with me. He used to throw my leg over him as he lay behind me on the floor. I started to not wear panties a lot for easy access. He would finger my tight pussy as I stretched my leg around him, til I was dripping and I would cum in a blinding, shaking white light of passion.
Anjana larka 3 years ago
Her name?
1 year ago
They loved fucking each other
Ugh 1 year ago
The girls always know how to act, but these men don't! It's such a turn off. Like, at least TRY to move and pretend you're enjoying it. Moan a little! Jeez.